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Each IMPACT JACKET comes with a landyard(already attached to the jacket) two anchoring cables and a CO2 cartridge as part of the complete airbag system. The anchoring cable is connected to the frame of the bike, and when you get on the bike very simply connect the lanyard to the anchoring cable and you are ready to ride. When you get off of the bike simply unhook the landyard from the anchoring cable and walk away. If you forget to unhook the landyard from the anchoring cable do not worry, it takes 25-35lbs of pull force to deploy the airbag system leaving enough room to minimize false inflations.
In the event of an accident when the rider is ejected off of the bike the landyard will separate from the bike activating the CO2 cartridge to instantly inflate the jacket in approximately a half second. The jacket provides extra protection when ejected from the bike to the most vulnerable parts of the body. The jacket enhances protection to the front chest area, side ribs areas, the back area giving support to the neck and spine areas.
All of the jackets are reusable, after inflation however all jackets need to be inspected by an authorized dealer for damage before reuse. The CO2 cartridge is good for one inflation only and must be replaced by an authorized dealer.
Note: The IMPACT JACKET is made for adults and children 100 lbs and over.

Impact Jackets
Impact Jackets
Impact Jackets